Product Warranty

The Shelf Theory Inc. Lifetime Warranty applies to all custom-made slide-out shelves manufactured and installed by Shelf Theory Employees. This Warranty applies to the original purchaser of the product; However, Shelf Theory may at its discretion still honor the warranty on a case-by-case basis. Shelf Theory products are custom made in Phoenix, Arizona using only new materials of the highest quality.  The ball bearing slides and soft close ball bearing slides are warrantied to hold a maximum carrying capacity of 100lbs including the shelf itself. This capacity is a static rating and when the shelves are fully extended.

Shelf Theory Inc. warrants the slide-out shelves you have purchased to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use and will replace any defective product or part without any charges to a customer so long as the warranty is valid. See Exceptions below; 

This warranty is nullified and voided if harsh conditions, chemicals, or lubricants are used on the pull out shelves, if the shelves are tampered with, uninstalled, reinstalled, painted, cut, or modified in any way shape or form by anyone other than Shelf Theory personnel.  Accidents or Acts of God are not covered by the Shelf Theory warranty (Flood, Fire, Falling into a shelf, etc). Your items should be stored proportionately on the surface of the shelves. Here are some examples where Shelf Theory’s warranty has been voided;

A granite company came into a customer’s house and installed new countertops, removed the shelves from their cabinets and did not cover or protect the ball bearing slides, cut and sawed the Granite on site covering the ball bearing slides in dust and rocks. 

A cabinet painting and resurfacing company came into a customer’s house and removed the shelves. They then proceeded to paint the ball bearing slides. Additionally, trying to reinstall the shelves they broke/mangled the ball bearing cages that hold the ball bearing in place destroying the ball bearing slides they hadn’t painted.

A customer had a handman come out to the house to install some wall shelves in their laundry room. He pierced a water line in the wall, which proceeded to flood the kitchen, cabinets, and sliding shelves. 


Service Fees for Repairs

$0.00 for any repairs needed and covered by the above warranty
$75.00 Trip Charge will be assessed if repairs are needed that are not covered by the warranty
$20.00 per shelf removed and needed to be reinstalled.
$20.00 per shelf for regular full extension slide replacements
$30.00 per shelf for soft close full extension slide replacements
$89.99 per shelf (with full extension slides) needed to be rebuilt/replaced
$109.99 per shelf (with soft close slides) needed to be rebuilt/replaced.