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Where are your shelves made?
Shelf Theory is manufactured locally in Phoenix, Arizona at our family-owned facility.
What is the smallest/widest/deepest cabinet width you can accommodate?
Our team can build a custom slide-out shelf for a narrow cabinet with a minimum opening of 6" wide. Our widest shelves are up to 42" wide. Every shelf is custom-made we can accommodate depths up to 36 inches and even beyond depending on application.
How much weight can Shelf Theory's Sliding shelves carry?
The weight capacity is 100lbs per shelf; WHEN EXTENDED! Other companies out there will tell you their shelves are rated to hold 100lbs using 3/4 extension slides - This rating is based on when the shelf is CLOSED - Not Extended. Short answer - Throw all your canned goods, glassware or cast iron in them you want.
How long does it take to install Shelf Theory's custom solution?
This varies based on the size of your order and the work being done. Rest assured, every single Shelf Theory installation is done in 1 day regardless of size. If your order exceeds a threshold that 1 person can accomplish in a single day, we send 2 installers.
Can you work around plumbing, electrical, gas lines, etc?
Of course! Our team has custom-design shelving solutions for any space. We help maximize your storage capability by building around the elements to provide full clearance.
Is there a warranty available?
Shelf Theory stands by the quality of our products. Any manufacturers' defects or shelves that broke under normal function and use, will be fixed or replaced without any charge. Below are extreme and real examples of when we won't honor a warranty claim and you'll have some kind of repair or replacement costs; Your cabinets were repainted/refinished and the company painted the ball bearing slides - or removed the shelves and they don't know how to reinstall them. A pipe burst under your sink and flooded your home and the shelves (fun fact, the slide outs will hold water for a really long time, and may potentially save your cabinets) You had your cabinets replaced and want the old slide out shelves reinstalled in the new cabinets.
Why Shelf Theory?
This question is our favorite and there's so many answers, we have an entire blog post dedicated to it; But the short answer is - We're the best company, product, warranty, quality and service that is out there for the money. If all you care about is getting the lowest price possible (all while sacrificing the above), Feel free to reach out to our competitors.

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