Supporting Disabled Veterans

Our Commitment

At Shelf Theory, we are proud to support disabled veterans by providing them with services that improve their daily lives. Unlike “charities” that may take a large portion of donations for administrative costs, etc. we believe in direct action. That’s why we’ve established a program to directly offer our services to disabled veterans in need.

How It Works

  • Nominate a Veteran: Use the form below to nominate a disabled veteran who could benefit from our services. You can also nominate yourself if you are a disabled veteran in need.
  • Review Process: Our team will carefully review all nominations and select recipients based on need and feasibility.
  • Service Provision: If selected, we will provide any and all of our services to the veteran at NO cost to them.

Nomination Form

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Our Funding Model

Our Funding Model

We fund this program through a unique approach. 5% of the pretax revenue from every order we receive from our veterans goes into a fund to cover the cost of this program. This fund covers the costs associated with providing free services to our disabled veterans. We believe this model ensures sustainable support for our veterans without relying on donations or external funding sources. We specifically chose this model for many reasons; Some customers or potential customers would abuse the system and claim to be veterans (Stolen Valor) to get a discount. Some would demand that they themselves deserved the veteran discount because their Son, Father, Brother, Etc. had served or are serving. Rather than continue to placate to these groups, in 2023, we changed the program to directly benefit those who needed it the most.

Our Impact

Our Impact

To date, we have completed many projects for disabled veterans, positively impacting their daily lives. We are committed to continuing this program and expanding our reach to help more disabled veterans in the future.

Thank you for joining us in supporting our disabled veterans!