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C Kemp.

Shelf Theory,
Thank you, thank you ! I LOVE your wonderful pull-out shelves! They look wonderful and I found that I can actually get more items in the cabinets than I did before. And, your special carpentry which puts two wide drawers in place of four shelves, adds space and cuts my cost!
After having two spinal surgeries this past year, my ability to bend or stoop to get something out of my kitchen cabinets was extremely difficult. And, to pull something out of the back of the shelves was nearly impossible. You not only gave me a fast appraisal and a fair price, but got them installed weeks sooner than any of your competitors could do.
To anyone considering adding this convenience to their cabinets, I highly recommend this local company for their superior work. C. Kemp

January 4, 2022
Dora Baldwin

I can’t say enough about Shelf Theory and how they “came to the rescue!” We’ve been in our house for over ten years now, and have struggled with our pantry since Day 1. It’s a good-sized pantry, but it is very deep and dark. It originally had three shelves on the bottom and two on the top section (too high to reach even with a step-stool). The height and depth of the three shelves on the bottom section could not be utilized because we could not see or reach in the back. Anything that fell to the back would be hidden, forgotten, and had to be thrown out when finally discovered.

Everyone on the Shelf Theory team was very professional, courteous, and super helpful — from setting up the free estimate to final installation. Chris even told us that the “faux drawer” under our gas range could be converted to a fully functional utility drawer, and that adding a slide-out shelf under the kitchen sink would give more functional use of space there. The quality of their products and their workmanship are top-notch! Now I enjoy going into the pantry to find what I need, I love having a nice, wide drawer for my cooking utensils, and enjoy having more efficient use of our under-sink space. My husband and I were so pleased with their product quality and workmanship that we asked them to come back out to add their high quality, self-closing sliders to all our kitchen drawers. Life in the kitchen is so much more pleasant and enjoyable now. I highly recommend Shelf Theory! Thank you, Chris and Shelf Theory team

November 18, 2021
Janene F


This is one of the best investments I have ever made. Adding pull-out shelves to our kitchen and bathroom from Shelf Theory was brilliant! I have bad knees that make it difficult to get down on the floor and rummage through the back of cabinets. Now all I have to do is pull out the drawers and, voila, all my pans, dishes, appliances, and everything else is at my fingertips. These are an absolute Godsend and I highly recommend Shelf Theory. Dawn was instrumental in making suggestions and providing recommendations as to what would work best and fit our needs. Kyle did an incredible installation and was so patient considering all the shelves we had installed. The wait time was minimal, they were professional, courteous, and a real gem. Trust me… once you go with Shelf Theory you will never regret it.

March 15, 2021
Guy S

Shelf Theory has transformed my kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. I was incredibly frustrated with the cabinet design and pantry structure in my new home until Shelf Theory installed the new pull out drawers and shelving. My newfound organization is incredible. I was thoroughly impressed with both the initial designer as well as the installer. Their attention to detail was fantastic and I am tremendously grateful to have found this impressive company.

September 19, 2021
Phillip J

My wife and I are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the shelves we had installed, as well as the overall experience. I called Shelf Theory and one other company to schedule an appointment for an estimate to do 18-20 shelves in my kitchen. Shelf Theory booked me on the spot. The other company took my info and told me they’d have someone call me back. After 2 days with no call, I called back and got the same treatment. To this day, no call. I place a HUGE premium on service and responsiveness and Shelf Theory is top notch.
The shelves were ready in about 2 weeks (just as promised) and we had an installation scheduled for the following week. They were even kind enough to schedule in the afternoon so my daughter that works a night shift could sleep in.  You can really tell this is a family business that listens.
The installation took 2 hours almost exactly (again, just as estimated) and the 2 installers were extremely professional and helpful. They asked questions throughout the process to make sure they were 100% in line with our expectations and did the job right the first time. They cleaned up after themselves, wore PPE the entire time, and made sure they walked us through every part of the installation before leaving to make sure we were 100% satisfied.

Can’t say enough about how happy we are, how much we enjoy the new shelves, and how glad I am that I’ll never have to get down on my knees to get stuff out of my cabinets anymore.  Highly recommend to anyone looking for a very cost effective and functional kitchen upgrade.

March 17, 2021
William Culver

We have been in our home for 22 years and with the accumulation over time it felt like we were closed in and cramped. A Shelf Theory ad came up as if it was reading my mind. I was compelled to call. My initial call was with a very courteous person who scheduled an in-home consult. Again, our interaction was top notch and our representative very knowledgeable. A couple days ahead of the install another representative came to remeasure – as they say – “cut once, measure twice”. Then came the day – I was SO excited. Dan was the master installer and he brought his apprentice Mike. We work from home so they were very quiet, considerate and efficient. When they were done they walked us through their install instructions and showed us other awesome space saver products they market. Dan is certainly a master of the trade coupled with the quality of the shelves – we were ecstatic. I could not wait to fill up my cabinets and get reorganized. Nothing is ever going to be lost in the shuffle in the back of a cabinet again. My space was doubled and it made a HUGE difference. Thank-you Shelf Theory – I am highly recommending your product and services to all who are interested.

February 13, 2022

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