Whether you’re storing your appliances, food, or cookware in your pantry, Shelf Theory can help you get it organized and keep it that way.

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Solution Pantry

There’s several ways to organize your pantry. Some people choose to simply put the items they use most, closest to the front of the cabinet, others choose to simply stock up and end up with 12 cans of their favorite salsa, half of them expired. With Shelf Theory, that is a thing of the past. Our slide out shelves come forward entirely outside of the cabinet. Everything that was in the back of the cabinet, is now outside of the cabinet in front of the face frame, easy to see, organize, and access everything you need.

There’s no need to worry about weight either, Shelf Theory’s slide out shelves are rated to hold 100lbs even when fully extended. Load up your new slide out shelves with all the soups, spices, and bottles you can and rest assured, your shelves are built to last, securely installed, and never going to fail you.

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