5 Jul 2024

The Real Magic of Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves, also known as roll-out or slide out shelves, have completely changed the way we organize and access our cabinets and the “stuff” inside them. Unlike traditional fixed shelves in cabinets, our full extension or soft close full extension pull out shelves bring all of your items hidden in the depths of your cabinets out into the open, completely outside the cabinet, making them easily accessible and visible. This here is the exact magic. The added benefit Shelf Theory brings to the table is helping you through the design process and showing you all the extra specialty shelves we manufacture, that make your life even easier.

If you’ve ever had or lived with sliding shelves before and then gone back to using regular cabinets without them, you already know and have experienced the pain and suffering of regular cabinets.

Benefits of Pull-Out Shelves:

Maximized Space and Utilization:

Shelf Theory Pull-out shelves make use of every inch of your cabinet space. No more wasted space, no more wondering if you do or don’t have soup in the pantry, and no more digging around on your hands and knees for that one mismatched Tupperware top.

Easy Access and Visibility:

With Shelf Theory pull-out shelves, everything is within reach and visible, saving you time energy, frustration and we add space to your cabinets that you never knew was possible.

Custom Pull-Out Organizers Tucson AZ

Efficient Organization:

Whether it’s pots and pans, glassware, spices, or canned goods, pull-out shelves allow you to create designated spaces for each category. Kitchen organizing becomes so easy because everything that goes inside your cabinets is 100% outside your cabinets when our shelves are pulled out. There’s no guess work, it’s all there in front of you, in the light at arm’s length.

Customization Options:

Our sliding shelves are 100% customized to fit your cabinet dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit. Even the design of our shelves are purpose built to maximize every square inch. There is literally no way any other company can give you back as much space as we do!

Improved Ergonomics:

Say goodbye to bending, reaching, and straining. Pull-out shelves bring the contents of your cabinets to you, promoting a more ergonomic and user-friendly kitchen experience.

Quality and Hardware Matters

This here is the big one. No other company except one or two in Arizona offers a 100lb rated full extension ball bearing slide standard and some companies don’t even offer it as an option at all! Why? Because it takes twice the time to install ball bearing slides, and only a true artisan and professional can install ball bearing slides due to the fact the tolerances are +/- 1/32nd of an inch- and +/- 1/64th for Soft Close.

Most companies will push ¾ Euro slides on you and say things like “it’s only a difference of 3 inches” or “you don’t really need full extension, these ¾ Euro slides will work just fine and hold 100 lbs”! Both statements are LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES.

Why? The average kitchen cabinet depth is 23 inches. 25% or ¼ of 23” is 5 ¾  inches. So you’ll actually be leaving closer to 7+” in your cabinet when they’re fully extended. The 100 lb rating they are talking about? Is ONLY when the shelf is IN your cabinet. Using that logic we could claim our shelves hold 500lbs! When extended, some manufacturers will claim 50 to 75lbs but the reality is ¾ euro slides failure rate is drastically high once you get past 50lbs – The thin metal slides will bend OR the Nylon wheels will buckle in grinding against the side of your epoxy slide. They are just simply not made for heavy duty applications. Our Slide out shelves are made to last a lifetime and so is the hardware.

Sliding Shelves Installation Glendale AZ

Custom – and we mean it.

This is important information to the unsuspecting customer. Remember the 23” Average cabinet depth dimension mentioned in a previous blog post? This is important because cabinet companies and pull out shelf companies are out there building slide outs at 2” depth intervals or even shorter on depth to save on money and materials. This could be cheating you out of shelf space and cabinet space. It might not sound like that much, but 2 to 3 inches of depth loss across an average kitchen is equivalent to an ENTIRE cabinet or more of lost space. Most competitors are building shelves at a 20 or 21 Inch depth slide out to be installed in a 23 inch cabinet.

Shelf Theory would be installing a 22 1/2 inch shelf in that space. Bringing more to the table – due to the shallow cuts we make for the dado joints holding in the base of the shelf, and our patented bracket system, our slide out shelves only cost you a 1/2 an inch of height. No other company comes remotely close to this number, and most are well above 1 inch of height loss per sliding shelf. This is just another example of the many small details that matter in the bigger picture.

Shelf Theory isn’t done there. We take it a step further with our shelf height. Our standard height shelf is 3 inches. Taller than anyone else in the industry. Why do we do this? Simple – you can still see the labels on everything and anything, we not cutting corners or trying to short our customers to save ourselves a buck, and that extra height enables us to put bumpers on our shelves to protect your doors in 95% of the homes we install in.